Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Treats

I am now in FULL holiday mode!! The other day I decided that it was time to make some treats for the holidays. This week being the kick-off to the holiday party bonanza ended up being the perfect week to make the goodies!

The menu consisted of Oreo Truffles, Pretzel Holiday Hugs and White Peppermint Snowballs. None of the recipes were my own and I have to admit that I specifically chose these recipes above others for their simplicity. Two of the recipes I got from one of my favorite blogs, Cooking Classy, and the other I got off of

Recipes can be found via the following links:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Crafting

Time has flown by so quickly! I realized the other day that I haven't been cooking new things lately and therefore I haven't thought about posting as much. Anyhow, I did bake a delicious homemade mac n' cheese for a Christmas party we attended last weekend. Dan and I also co-cooked chili for football last Sunday. Both recipes can be found in the recipe section.

This weekend Dan and I are babysitting my nieces and nephew. I am SUPER excited as I love all things holiday and now I have an excuse to have some silly holiday crafting fun! We are going to make gingerbread houses together and I'm hoping it will be a hit with them.

What does your gingerbread house look like? Fancy or fun?!